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Today in Dubious (But Deserved) Awards

Given the history of racism in Brazil, and ongoing structural and social racism, I imagine the competition was stiff. Still, Maranhão politician Fernando Furtado seems to have justly earned the title of “Racist of the Year”: A Brazilian lawmaker who … Continue reading

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Lynchings, or On Racism in Brazil in 2015

A few days ago, in the northeastern city of São Luís in the state of Maranhão, Cleidenilson Pereira da Silva and an adolescent attempted to rob a store. While an attempted theft in one of Brazil’s smaller states rarely makes … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Yesterday, Chile marked the fortieth anniversary of the coup that overthrew democratically-elected president Salvador Allende and ushered in the 17-year military dictatorship that killed over 3000 people and tortured tens of thousands. Even while the date was commemorated, the search … Continue reading

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How Not to Deal with Criticism

A couple of weeks ago, there was controversy and anger when Marco Feliciano, an evangelical congressman who had publicly made homophobic and racist comments, became the head of the Congress’s Human Rights Commission. After a few weeks of criticisms, Feliciano … Continue reading

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Reminders of Racism in Modern Brazil

When I was in Brazil, I’d occasionally encounter people who repeated the Freyrean idea that Brazil isn’t racist in the ways the US was due to the greater variation in skin-color in Brazil and the absence of Jim Crow-style laws. … Continue reading

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The First Day of the Ríos Montt Trial: Rigoberta Menchú, Requests for Delays, and Racism

Mike Allison at the excellent Central American Politics blog is currently in Guatemala during the trial of Efraín Ríos Montt for charges of genocide and human rights violations. He was able to attend some of the first day’s proceedings yesterday, and … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-While Hugo Chávez’s health is increasingly in question as he underwent surgery for cancer yet again, his political vision appears to remain alive. In gubernatorial elections yesterday in Venezuela, his political coalition won 20 of the 23 elections for state … Continue reading

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