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Karma for Sexists

This is outstanding: A Brazilian police inspector has lost his job after using Twitter to criticise women who worked for him. Pedro Paulo Pinho tweeted that out of the 14 women staff of a Rio de Janeiro police station “only … Continue reading

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The Difference between Fake Girlfriends in the US and in Brazil

Contrary to Manti Te’o, apparently men in Brazil now have the opportunity to knowingly  have fake internet girlfriends: [I]n this altered dating landscape, a Brazilian website has apparently identified a niche for potential profit.  What is their product? Fake Facebook girlfriends. … Continue reading

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Happy December 22!

I told you so.

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So Much for Soviet-Era Azerbaijani Glory in Mexico City

Apparently, those looking for Stalin-esque statues of Soviet-era figures are going to have to look somewhere other than city parks in Mexico City : A commission of intellectuals recommended Friday that Mexico City’s government remove a life-size bronze statue of Azerbaijan’s … Continue reading

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“Hey – This Drink Tastes Like….Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!”

Apparently, chia seeds have found a second life as a product in health drinks: Ubiquitous in television ads that made their debut 30 years ago, Chia Pets were called “the pottery that grows.” Mixing chia seeds and water on the … Continue reading

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Soviet-Era Statuary Art In….Mexico?

Well, this is unusual: The appearance of a life-size statue of Azerbaijan’s “founder of the nation” on Mexico City’s elegant Reforma Avenue, not far from Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Mexico’s national heroes, is raising eyebrows and protests. The Stalin-esque, … Continue reading

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What’s the Portuguese translation for…

…”I am sick and tired of these [monkey-fighting] snakes on this [Monday-to-Friday] plane!”  

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Today in Patronizing and Insulting Characterizations of Latin America

I’ve often been mystified by the respect The Economist gets, exactly for reasons like this:  To revive economic growth, Brazil needs to put more stress on competitiveness and market-opening trade diplomacy. Mercosur once aspired to do precisely that. A group that … Continue reading

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Introducing Brandon Morgan

We here are glad to welcome yet another contributor to Americas South and North. Brandon Morgan is a PhD candidate in modern Mexican and Borderlands history at the University of New Mexico, as well as a full-time History Instructor at … Continue reading

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Straight Out of a 1950s Science Fiction Movie

In its efforts to combat dengue fever, Brazil has announced it plans to breed…genetically modified mosquitoes.

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