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Get to Know a Brazilian – Rolando Frati

This is part of an ongoing series. Previous entries can be found here. The most recent entries in this series had looked at three of the fifteen political prisoners – Maria Augusta Carneiro Ribeiro, José Ibrahim, and Gregorio Bezerra – … Continue reading

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On Volkswagen’s Ties to the Brazilian Dictatorship

I recently received an email about Volkswagen’s ties to the Brazilian military regime, documented in the final report of Brazil’s National Truth Commission  (Comissão Nacional da Verdade – CNV), available for full viewing/download here. Stories of Volkswagen’s ties to the military regime and its … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Truth Commission – A Roundup

Yesterday, on International Human Rights Day, Brazil’s National Truth Commission (Comissão Nacional da Verdade) concluded and submitted its report after over two years of work across 14 work groups and thousands upon thousands of hours of interviews, fact-finding, document-collecting, and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Letting Brazil’s Military Investigate Itself for Past Abuses during the Dictatorship

This week, Brazil’s Truth Commission finally managed to get the Ministry of Defense to accede to requests to investigate the military and sites of torture during Brazil’s military dictatorship of 1964-1985. I’m of two minds on this. On the one … Continue reading

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Dictatorship Apologists, 50 Years On

Yesterday, Brazil’s Congress marked the 50th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew constitutional president João Goulart and ushered in a 21-year military dictatorship that killed hundreds of its own citizens and tortured thousands others.  In 1964, Congress was directly … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Brazil’s Military Coup

50 years ago today, the military successfully removed constitutional president João Goulart from office, ushering in a 21-year regime.

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Tracing the Events of Brazil’s Military Dictatorship

This March marks the 50th anniversary since Brazil’s military overthrew the constitutional government of João Goulart, launching a repressive 21-year military regime that killed hundreds, tortured thousands, and transformed Brazil in myriad ways that are often still felt today. While … Continue reading

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