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Today in Quixotic Endeavors

Angry at the administration of Dilma Rousseff, at a corruption (that crosses both the PSDB and PT years), and at the PT government more generally, some Brazilian activists have decided to march 600 miles in support of “free markets, lower … Continue reading

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On Chilean Presidential Politics and Ongoing Ties to the Pinochet Era

As Brandi mentioned yesterday, the dust has settled in the Chilean presidential primaries. On the one hand, the Concertación elected Socialist Party candidate and former president (2006-2010) Michelle Bachelet to run for re-election for the coalition. On the other hand, the … Continue reading

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Paraguay’s “Argo”

Apparently, Argo wasn’t the only stranger-than-fiction story of its kind. In Paraguay, former members of Argentina’s Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo (People’s Revolutionary Army; ERP) hatched a similar plan to assassinate Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle. Anastasio was the third in a line … Continue reading

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On Brazil’s Involvement in Operation Condor

Brazil’s Truth Commission continues to conduct hearings and accept testimony from a variety of witnesses as it investigates human rights violations during the military regime of 1964-1985. Much of this testimony has been helpful in further fleshing out details that … Continue reading

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Contextualizing “Electoral Authoritarianism” in Latin America

I’m a bit late to this (I’ve been spending the past two weeks moving from one home to another), but the Washington Post recently ran a lengthy post on what it described as “Latin America’s new authoritarians,” with a focus falling heavily … Continue reading

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Today in Non-Breaking News…

Fernando Henrique Cardoso is still a hack: Former Brazilian president Fernando Enrique Cardoso said that his country is rapidly loosing [sic] influence in South America to Venezuela, following on remarks about the suspension of Paraguay from Mercosur. “Brazil is loosing … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism and Military Regimes – A Follow-Up

To follow today’s earlier post on Friedrich Hayek and the Pinochet Regime, Corey Robin adds even more evidence of just how inextricable the ties between neoliberalism and restrictions on democracy in favor of unfettered capitalism. His new post includes favorable quotations … Continue reading

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