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Catching Up on Impeachment, Corruption, and Brazilian Politics

Across this past semester, I got away from blogging less by choice than by circumstance, due to the vagaries of course preps, writing, researching, etc. My timing was not good, as political life in Brazil got….interesting. Even while corruption scandals … Continue reading

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Get to Know a Brazilian – Luís Carlos Prestes

The political path of Luís Carlos Prestes shows just how varying the ideologies and trajectories of members of the tenente movement of the 1920s could be. Prestes was born in Porto Alegre in the southern-most state of Rio Grande do Sul in January, … Continue reading

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On Corruption, Public Will, and the Distinctions between the 2013 and 2015 Protests in Brazil

Maruicio Savarese’s regularly-excellent A Brazilian Operating in this Area has a thought-provoking piece up about whether the anti-corruption protests in Brazil are effectively sincere. After waves of colossal protests in 2013 and 2015, it is very tempting to say Brazilians are fed … Continue reading

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Twenty-First Century Monarchists

While the protesters demanding the military intervene and overthrow Dilma Rousseff amidst corruption scandals that seem to have infected all of political life (even if they in fact have not), they are not in fact the most out-of-touch pro-impeachment protesters in … Continue reading

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Misogynistic Political Reporting in Brazil

I’ve commented on how the (overwhelmingly male) national political arena in Brazil is indicative of very real challenges facing women politically, and even wondered if some of the language used to express rancor toward Dilma Rousseff was at least in … Continue reading

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Anti-Impeachment Rallies in Brazil

In response to last Sunday’s protests demanding Dilma’s removal from office, tens of thousands of Brazilians gathered in state capitals throughout the country in support if not of the government, then of institutional and social democracy. Some marchers called for … Continue reading

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Why Is Political Impunity So Frequent in Brazil?

Simon Romero has an excellent piece up about the widening corruption scandal in Brazil. The whole thing is worth reading for a better understanding of the context and possible direction of the scandal and the investigations into corruption. For those … Continue reading

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