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Chile-Peru Maritime Dispute Settled(?)

  Today, the World Court settled the issue of the maritime border of Chile and Peru, an issue going all the way back to the War of the Pacific in the late-19th century. Peru wanted the border extended, while Chile … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Peru has launched its biggest exhumation ever, as it tries to find victims from the violence between the Shining Path and the Peruvian state between 1980 and 2000. -Peru is not the only country exhuming victims of violence. In an … Continue reading

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Brazilian Retailers and the Importation of the Worst Elements of US Consumerism

Since Thanksgiving evening and through today, millions of people in the US are descending on retailers to try to take advantage of deals offered only one day, simultaneously trying to take advantage of the worst excesses of materialism in the … Continue reading

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10 Days that Shook Brazil – A Look Back

I have a piece up that tries to summarize the causes, events, and outcomes of the last ten days of social mobilization in Brazil up at Lawyers, Guns & Money. …the protests expanded rapidly. On Monday night (the 17th), 230,000 … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on Protests in Brazil

Following the protests in São Paulo (and supporting demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro) last Thursday, the weekend saw protests spread throughout the country. On Saturday, as the Confederations Cup kicked off in Brasilia, protesters demonstrated against the costs of preparing … Continue reading

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On Copper’s Importance to Chile

I’m a bit late in getting to this, but last week, JF String had a great piece that reveals just how vital to the Chilean economy copper continues to be. Among other data: The labor of every Chilean miner is … Continue reading

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On the Current Petrobras Challenge in Brazil

When I lived in Brazil six years ago, the country announced the discovery of a massive offshore deep-sea oil field, leading to high hopes within Brazil  for the future energy needs and economic growth. However, from one perspective, it would … Continue reading

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