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Links Around Latin America

Several stories of note from around the region lately: Last week, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader Timochenko met in Cuba to finalize a peace plan that could finally end a struggle that’s lasted over 50 years. Boz … Continue reading

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So Much for Soviet-Era Azerbaijani Glory in Mexico City

Apparently, those looking for Stalin-esque statues of Soviet-era figures are going to have to look somewhere other than city parks in Mexico City : A commission of intellectuals recommended Friday that Mexico City’s government remove a life-size bronze statue of Azerbaijan’s … Continue reading

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Photographing the Families of Chile’s Disappeared (and How You Can Help)

One of the most vile and insidious ways that Augusto Pinochet’s regime violated human rights was through the use of “disappearance” against people it labeled threats to the state and society. Between 1973 and 1990 (and especially in the first … Continue reading

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Street Painting and Social Inequality in São Paulo

As I’ve discussed before, while Brazil has witnessed unprecedented economic growth and stability, the benefits of such growth are far from reaching all of Brazilian society, and there are ongoing reminders daily of those inequalities. One sign of the ongoing … Continue reading

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