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Lula on the Future of the Left(s) in Latin America

I’ve been remiss in not getting to this sooner, but, after the death of Hugo Chávez, former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva published an editorial in the New York Times addressing not just the legacy of Chávez, but the future of politics … Continue reading

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Gearing up for Latin American Presidential Elections

The US certainly excels at trying to guess presidential elections way too early (guessing-games that prompt entirely-reasonable responses). While 2016 is still too far off, 2014 is not, where several Latin American presidential elections will occur. In Central America,  Costa Rica, … Continue reading

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Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan Military

One of the big questions in the wake of Hugo Chávez’s death was whether Nicolás Maduro, who had never served, would be able to maintain the support of Venezuela’s military. While it remains a significant question, one that will most … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

While Hugo Chávez’s death has perhaps understandably been the main focus of news from the region this week, it’s far from the only event of note. Here are some of the other stories coming out of Latin America this week. … Continue reading

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Chávez’s Ghost and Further Thoughts on Venezuela’s Future

With Hugo Chávez’s passing, some further remarks on issues facing Venezuela in the immediate future. First, there will almost inevitably be some political bloviating that his death marks the “end of the left” in Latin America (primarily because such articles … Continue reading

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RIP – Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chávez has died. Rumors had swirled around about his impending end for years, but it appears his cancer and its side-effects finally caught up with him. Suffice to say, uncertainties for Venezuela abound going forward. Nicolás Maduro will continue … Continue reading

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Curiouser and Curiouser

Venezuela expels the US Air Force attaché after suggesting that Chávez’s cancer was the result of “enemies” inflicting him (even while questions of governance and reforms beyond Chávez remain on the sidelines). Ch. This isn’t the first time that Chávez or … Continue reading

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