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The Consequences of Criminalizing Abortion – Another Brazilian Case

We’ve covered the effects and lessons of criminalizing abortion before, be it in or Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, or Chile. Sadly, Brazil,has another tragic example of the horrors that can occur when abortion is criminalized: Jandira dos Santos Cruz was … Continue reading

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On Favela Tours (or, “I went so you don’t have to”)

I’ve long been a critic of favela tours, for any number of reasons, few of which are likely unique: it objectifies the poor; it is voyeuristic; it reinforces a so-called “First World”/“Third World” dichotomy that objectifies both the poor and … Continue reading

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Jenny McCarthy – Bad for Latin America

The anti-vaccination foolishness in the US has repercussions that go far beyond a dramatic increase in entirely-preventable diseases in the US. To wit: Brazil’s immunization program is one of the most impressive in the world. The government makes most of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Letting Brazil’s Military Investigate Itself for Past Abuses during the Dictatorship

This week, Brazil’s Truth Commission finally managed to get the Ministry of Defense to accede to requests to investigate the military and sites of torture during Brazil’s military dictatorship of 1964-1985. I’m of two minds on this. On the one … Continue reading

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Dictatorship Apologists, 50 Years On

Yesterday, Brazil’s Congress marked the 50th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew constitutional president João Goulart and ushered in a 21-year military dictatorship that killed hundreds of its own citizens and tortured thousands others.  In 1964, Congress was directly … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Brazil’s Military Coup

50 years ago today, the military successfully removed constitutional president João Goulart from office, ushering in a 21-year regime.

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Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, 2014 – Photos from the Second Night

Last night marked the second and final night of the major parade of samba schools for Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. While Portela and União da Ilha stood out for their performances on the second night, it was Salgueiro samba … Continue reading

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