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The Zika Virus and Militarizing Medicine

As you may have read, Brazil is currently dealing with a baffling medical situation that is threatening to become an epidemic, as the Zika virus (spread by mosquitos that also can carry dengue and other diseases) is affecting the country. … Continue reading

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It’s Always Health and Education…

In an effort to stabilize and improve education in Brazil, in 2008 Lula signed a law that created a salary floor for teachers nationwide, one that was to be adjusted annually in an attempt to keep up with macroeconomic shifts … Continue reading

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On Lynchings and the Weakness of the State

Well, this is horrible: The lynching began around 7:20 p.m., not long after the brothers had finished conducting their final interviews on tortilla consumption. Residents confronted them, mistaking the pair for kidnappers. The police confirmed that the men were, in … Continue reading

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Catching Up on Impeachment, Corruption, and Brazilian Politics

Across this past semester, I got away from blogging less by choice than by circumstance, due to the vagaries of course preps, writing, researching, etc. My timing was not good, as political life in Brazil got….interesting. Even while corruption scandals … Continue reading

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Today in Dubious (But Deserved) Awards

Given the history of racism in Brazil, and ongoing structural and social racism, I imagine the competition was stiff. Still, Maranhão politician Fernando Furtado seems to have justly earned the title of “Racist of the Year”: A Brazilian lawmaker who … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Struggle Against Inequalities & Prejudices in Brazil

One of the major issues facing Brazil by now is a major short-term economic decline.Currently, the Real at an unheralded R$4.10 to the dollar. To put that in perspective, when I was living in Brazil in 2006-2008, the Real at … Continue reading

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Links Around Latin America

Several stories of note from around the region lately: Last week, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader Timochenko met in Cuba to finalize a peace plan that could finally end a struggle that’s lasted over 50 years. Boz … Continue reading

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