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Around Latin America

-30,000: that is the number of families who have been relocated as Brazil has prepared for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. -New Paraguayan President and wealthy businessman Horacio Cartes is set to reform social aid to the poor, saying … Continue reading

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South American Dictatorships in Images

Greg Weeks points to this incredible, if harrowing, collection of photos from Operation Condor. The photos were found in Paraguay’s “Archives of Terror,” which documented the deaths of tens of thousands of South Americans at the hands of military regimes … Continue reading

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On Allegations that Argentine & Italian Dictatorships Fixed World Cups

This week, FIFA is hosting a conference on the World Cup in history. Scholars from throughout the world are gathering to look at how the World Cup has been more than just a sporting event, filtering into the politics, society, … Continue reading

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Israel, Guatemala, and the Question of Genocide

As the trial of Efraín Ríos Montt appears to be headed back to square one after the Constitutional Court’s ruling, NACLA has a fascinating piece up on Israel’s ties to Ríos Montt: Known as “Brother Efraín,” a fundamentalist convert of … Continue reading

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Post-Election Paraguay – Is a Return to Mercosur Next?

After the institutional coup against Fernando Lugo last June, politico-economic trade bloc Mercosur suspended Paraguay’s membership. The response was swift, and Horacio Cartes, who at the time was a potential candidate for president, called on Paraguay to maintain faith in … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Marking the first major protest of the year, over 100,000 Chilean students took to the streets to continue to push for educational reform, an issue that has garnered much support and been a consistent problem for conservative president Sebastian Pinera. … Continue reading

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Today in “The Least Surprising News You’ll Hear”

England did not extend an invitation to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral to Argentine president Cristina Kirchner. I can’t possibly imagine why…

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On Thatcher, Argentina, and the Catholic Church during Dictatorships

Yesterday, Robert Farley at Lawyers, Guns & Money and I discussed Thatcher’s death from a Latin American perspective,  the Catholic Church during authoritarian governments, and transitions to democracy in Latin America.

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Margaret Thatcher Dead

Margaret Thatcher has died at 87. Obviously, British & diplomatic historians have more of her career to consider, but it’s not without it’s Latin American element. As others will also note, in 1982, the Argentine military dictatorship tried to finally … Continue reading

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Former Dictator Calls for Military Uprising in Argentina

Jorge Videla, the first military leader of Argentina’s military dictatorship who governed for five of the regime’s seven years, has apparently called for the Argentine military to arm itself for an overthrow of the government. To repeat: the man who … Continue reading

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