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Around Latin America

While Hugo Chávez’s death has perhaps understandably been the main focus of news from the region this week, it’s far from the only event of note. Here are some of the other stories coming out of Latin America this week. … Continue reading

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Around Latin America [Human Rights Edition]

There has been a recent wave of stories regarding human rights in Latin America in both the past and present worth covering. Mexico -With the ongoing issue of the disappeared in Mexico in the 21st century, and, after a tortuous … Continue reading

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Failures in Paraguay’s Justice System

I recently discussed the unequal justice in the case of violence between peasants and police in Paraguay that ultimately served as the alleged pretext for the removal of President Fernando Lugo last year. The first few lines in this story reveal … Continue reading

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On This Date in Latin America – February 14, 1879: The War of the Pacific

One hundred and thirty-four years ago today, the War of the Pacific (1879-1883) began, pitting Chile against Peru and Bolivia in a war that would see Peru lose its southern-most provinces, Bolivia lose its access to the Pacific Ocean (thus … Continue reading

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Around Latin America [Updated]

-Early reports are saying 245 232 people died in a nightclub fire last night in Santa Maria, a city in Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. Somewhere between 300 and 400 people were reportedly at the event, a party … Continue reading

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On Police Violence, Political Unrest, and Unequal Justice in Paraguay

While deposed President Fernando Lugo prepares to run for a seat in the Senate this year, the issue of the events that led to the institutional coup that removed him from office are still in many ways unresolved. The political … Continue reading

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The Next Wave of Gentrification in Rio de Janeiro – Favelas

This is gross: Five years ago, Rio de Janeiro’s “favela” hillside slums had such a bad rap that they were virtual no-go zones, where drug lords laid down the law and outsiders set foot at their peril. But since 2011, … Continue reading

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