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The Death of the Monroe Doctrine?

Is the Monroe Doctrine “dead,” as John Kerry proclaimed this week? Short answer: No. Slightly longer answer: Still No.

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Around Latin America

–Dozens of Haitians are dead after the boat they were traveling on capsized as they sought to seek refuge and a new start in the wake of recent tensions and violence in the Dominican Republic. -For those who missed it, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Brazil Forgiving African Debt

With all of the recent events coming out of the Brazilian demonstrations recently, other important stories have fallen to the wayside. One of those stories, which took place before the demonstrations, was Brazil forgiving US$900 million of debt to a … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-30,000: that is the number of families who have been relocated as Brazil has prepared for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. -New Paraguayan President and wealthy businessman Horacio Cartes is set to reform social aid to the poor, saying … Continue reading

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Bunkers in the Everglades – Relics of the Cold War

This is a remarkable story of a bygone era: The Cuban Missile Crisis was over in 1962. But the militarization of Florida and its national parks had only just begun. Nike Hercules Missile Site — also called Alpha Battery or HM-69 … Continue reading

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Today in Flawed Neoliberal Biases

Last week ushered in a new era at the World Trade Organization, as Brazilian Roberto Azevedo won the post as the WTO’s next director-general. With the election, Azevedo became the first Latin American to serve in that post [though no … Continue reading

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Israel, Guatemala, and the Question of Genocide

As the trial of Efraín Ríos Montt appears to be headed back to square one after the Constitutional Court’s ruling, NACLA has a fascinating piece up on Israel’s ties to Ríos Montt: Known as “Brother Efraín,” a fundamentalist convert of … Continue reading

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