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On (Mis)Understanding US-El Salvador Relations

Last week, The Nation published an article, “How El Salvador’s Supreme Court Is Undermining Democracy – With Washington’s Help.” While there are numerous legitimate and good criticisms to make of the US’s relations with Latin America, historically and in recent years (something that … Continue reading

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The Death of the Monroe Doctrine?

Is the Monroe Doctrine “dead,” as John Kerry proclaimed this week? Short answer: No. Slightly longer answer: Still No.

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On Guatemala and the US in the Cold War

I am remiss in posting this (travels took me away from the computer when it went up) but Rob Farley (of the University of Kentucky Patterson School and of Lawyers, Guns & Money) and I recently discussed the genocide conviction … Continue reading

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Today in Flawed Neoliberal Biases

Last week ushered in a new era at the World Trade Organization, as Brazilian Roberto Azevedo won the post as the WTO’s next director-general. With the election, Azevedo became the first Latin American to serve in that post [though no … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Still dealing with the loss to Chile of its only route to the Pacific 140 years ago, Bolivia is set to take its case to the International Court of Justice, a move that Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has said would open … Continue reading

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On Revealing WHINSEC’s [ex-School of the Americas] Students

A California court has ruled that the Western Hemispheric Institute for Securirity Operations (WHINSEC), once known as the School of the Americas, must reveal the names of students from Latin America who have trained at the Fort Benning grounds. The … Continue reading

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