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On Lynchings and the Weakness of the State

Well, this is horrible: The lynching began around 7:20 p.m., not long after the brothers had finished conducting their final interviews on tortilla consumption. Residents confronted them, mistaking the pair for kidnappers. The police confirmed that the men were, in … Continue reading

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Why Is Political Impunity So Frequent in Brazil?

Simon Romero has an excellent piece up about the widening corruption scandal in Brazil. The whole thing is worth reading for a better understanding of the context and possible direction of the scandal and the investigations into corruption. For those … Continue reading

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On Guatemala, Corruption, and the Strength of Democracy in Latin America

While much of the focus here has fallen on the recent corruption scandal in Brazil, there is another case in Latin America where the public and legal actors are beginning to hold political elites responsible for corrupt practices. In Guatemala, … Continue reading

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On Brazil’s Lynching Problems

I wrote last month on the lynching of Cleidenilson Pereira da Silva, commenting that his was far from an isolated case. Vanessa Barbara has more: A few days after that attack, a man in metropolitan Belo Horizonte was dragged through … Continue reading

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The Brazilian Truth Commission after One Year

The truth commission investigating repression and state-sponsored violence during Brazil’s military dictatorship of 1964-1985 has recently completed a full year of work, and issued a report of some of its major findings after one year: Part 1. Hiding of Documentation from … Continue reading

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Remembering Tlatelolco

Forty-five years ago today, Mexican police and armed forces killed hundreds of unarmed, peaceful protestors.

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On This Date in Latin America -July 24, 1993: The Candelária Massacre

In the early hours of the morning on this day twenty years ago, police in Rio de Janeiro murdered eight street children on the steps of Rio’s Candelária Cathedral in what came to be known as the Candelária Massacre. Official … Continue reading

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