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The Zika Virus and Militarizing Medicine

As you may have read, Brazil is currently dealing with a baffling medical situation that is threatening to become an epidemic, as the Zika virus (spread by mosquitos that also can carry dengue and other diseases) is affecting the country. … Continue reading

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It’s Always Health and Education…

In an effort to stabilize and improve education in Brazil, in 2008 Lula signed a law that created a salary floor for teachers nationwide, one that was to be adjusted annually in an attempt to keep up with macroeconomic shifts … Continue reading

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The Limits of Bans on, and Limited Access to, Abortion

As many know, and as may be unsurprising, Latin America in general is one of the more restrictive regions in the world when it comes to abortion and legal reproductive rights for women. Several countries, including Nicaragua and El Salvador, have … Continue reading

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Jenny McCarthy – Bad for Latin America

The anti-vaccination foolishness in the US has repercussions that go far beyond a dramatic increase in entirely-preventable diseases in the US. To wit: Brazil’s immunization program is one of the most impressive in the world. The government makes most of … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Still dealing with the loss to Chile of its only route to the Pacific 140 years ago, Bolivia is set to take its case to the International Court of Justice, a move that Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has said would open … Continue reading

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UN Refuses to Accept Responsibility for Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

This is discouraging: The United Nations has formally rejected compensation claims by victims of a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed almost 8,000 people. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called Haitian President Michel Martelly to inform him of the … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Student protests continue and are escalating in Chile, where dozens were injured in clashes with police. Additionally, 139 students who had occupied buildings were violently arrested Thursday. The arrests have not brought an end to the protests, however, as students occupied another … Continue reading

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