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On Brazil’s Political Crisis

It’s been some time since I last waded into the political unrest in Brazil, in part because, in the first few months of the year, other matters had gained increasing focus/importance in Brazil. Certainly, the Zika outbreak brought considerable attention … Continue reading

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It’s Always Health and Education…

In an effort to stabilize and improve education in Brazil, in 2008 Lula signed a law that created a salary floor for teachers nationwide, one that was to be adjusted annually in an attempt to keep up with macroeconomic shifts … Continue reading

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On Lynchings and the Weakness of the State

Well, this is horrible: The lynching began around 7:20 p.m., not long after the brothers had finished conducting their final interviews on tortilla consumption. Residents confronted them, mistaking the pair for kidnappers. The police confirmed that the men were, in … Continue reading

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On (Mis)Understanding US-El Salvador Relations

Last week, The Nation published an article, “How El Salvador’s Supreme Court Is Undermining Democracy – With Washington’s Help.” While there are numerous legitimate and good criticisms to make of the US’s relations with Latin America, historically and in recent years (something that … Continue reading

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On the Possibility/Threat of Impeachment in Brazil

I thought I’d wade into the impeachment issue that has come up in Brazil in the past few months. The short version of the (very complicated) story is that a corruption scandal involving the state-run Petrobras, kickbacks, and embezzlement has … Continue reading

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Regulating Hip-Hop in Brazil?

In an unusual story, rappers and hip-hop artists in Brazil are rallying in response to a law that seeks to regulate their art. Politician (and former soccer star) Romário proposed a bill that would regulate hip-hop professionals, including MCs, DJs, … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Peru has launched its biggest exhumation ever, as it tries to find victims from the violence between the Shining Path and the Peruvian state between 1980 and 2000. -Peru is not the only country exhuming victims of violence. In an … Continue reading

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