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McDonald’s, Labor, and Brazil

McDonald’s has been in the news this year in the US as workers have mobilized to demand a livable wage, just one area (alongside health issues) where the company faces criticism. But McDonald’s is not just the target of critiques in … Continue reading

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Anti-Indigenous Violence in Paraguay and Brazil

Anybody even remotely familiar with Latin America history is aware that indigenous peoples were subject to horrific processes of dispossession, repression, racism, and extermination throughout both the colonial and the national periods. Sadly, destroying native lands and communities in the … Continue reading

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Chiquita Trying to Shirk Responsibility for Aiding Terrorist Organizations

Banana companies have long had a horrible history in Latin America, based upon political corruption, economic exploitation, and even the overthrow of democratically-elected regimes. Yet the horrible practices of multinational fruit companies in the region is not a relic of … Continue reading

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“Hey – This Drink Tastes Like….Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!”

Apparently, chia seeds have found a second life as a product in health drinks: Ubiquitous in television ads that made their debut 30 years ago, Chia Pets were called “the pottery that grows.” Mixing chia seeds and water on the … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-Last week may have seen the suspension of Paraguay and inclusion of Venezuela into Mercosul, but at least one Brazilian businessman from São Paulo believes that the political role of the trade bloc means it is on its way out. -Paraguay … Continue reading

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Around Latin America

-With just over a month to go before the Mexican Presidential Election, center-left candidate Manuel López Obrador has narrowed the gap, and is now trailing PRI-candidate and frontrunner Enrique Peña Nieto by only four percentage points in one poll. -Venezuelan … Continue reading

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The New Cola Wars?

Pepsi finds itself with a new, more dangerous rival than Coca-Cola:  Banners signed by a cult-like Mexican drug gang say that cartel members launched firebombing attacks on a PepsiCo. subsidiary because they believe the snack company let law-enforcement agents use … Continue reading

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