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Enrique Peña Nieto’s Record as Governor of Mexico State

Via today’s Washington Post: “With the July 1 presidential vote only weeks away, Peña Nieto holds a solid double-digit lead in the polls. But Mexican voters and U.S. observers confess that they do not really know what the candidate stands … Continue reading

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It is safe to travel to Mexico

It is actually quite sad that people are still writing about travel safety in Mexico.  When was the last time you planned a vacation to Ciudad Juarez or Nuevo Laredo? The answer is probably never. The more relevant question is, … Continue reading

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Mexican Beatlemania

Last night, roughly 200,000 people jammed the Zocalo, the central square of Mexico City, to attend a free show by Paul McCartney held on Mother’s Day. To see more pictures of the event, go here. One thing that any visitor … Continue reading

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Peña Nieto, the Mexican Green Party, and rent-seeking in Mexico’s 2012 elections

“Vales de medicinas para todos”, or “drug vouchers for all” has been a staple of The Mexican Green Party’s (PVEM) platform for several years, and now that Peña Nieto and the PRI are running in alliance with the PVEM for … Continue reading

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The 1st Mexican presidential “debate” of 2012

The run-up to last night’s debate was overshadowed by two main issues: the controversy over which channels would air the debate, and that this is only one of two debates that will take place during the campaign. Televisa and TV … Continue reading

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