“Was Rios Montt responsible for Guatemala’s Genocide?”

A reminder that, in any sane understanding of governance, of the role of the state, of human rights, or even of the structure and function of military institutions, the answer to this question is always “Yes.” To make the argument that human rights violations were a part of a crackdown on insurgency or “subversion” (or to offer a variation of the “false equivalency” argument) is to side with every repressive right-wing, human-rights violating regime of the 20th century in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

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I have a Ph.D. in history, specializing in Latin American History and Comparative Indigenous History. My dissertation focused on Brazil. Beyond Latin America generally, I'm particularly interested in class identities, military politics, human rights, labor, education, music, and nation. I can be found on Twitter at @ColinMSnider.
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