Carnaval Kicks off in Rio

I’ll have more on this early next week when the major samba schools parade in Rio on Sunday night and Monday night, but it’s worth noting Carnaval officially began yesterday in Brazil. I wrote about Carnaval’s events and history last year, but a few stories to point to this year. First, the festive spirit this year is dampened in the wake of the nightclub fire whose death toll now sits at 238. The AP has a good story on the use of masks during Carnaval, and what this year’s masks mean (and signify in terms of culture and politics in 2013). And when one sees photo galleries like this, one cannot help but suspect Gabriel Elizondo’s observation on photo editors in Brazil may be right.

And finally, for those interested, below are links to the songs each major school will be singing (by night):

Sunday night:

Monday night:

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