RIP – Adolfo Calero

Just a month after Tomás Borge, one of the founding members of the Sandinistas, died, his one-time ideological enemy Aldolfo Calero has died, also at the age of 81. Calero, a conservative who, like the Sandinistas, opposed the dictatorship of the Somoza family but who fundamentally differed from the Sandinistas in terms of political and social ideology, led the Contra forces that received US aid and ultimately led to the removal of the first Sandinista government in 1990. In addition to helping lead the Contras in the civil war of the 1980s, Calero also found himself involved in the Iran-Contra affair, testifying that he received money and equipment from the US in spite of an arms embargo but denying any knowledge that the aid came from weapons sales to Iran (for which there was also a US arms embargo at the time).

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