On Out-Of-Touch Headlines Regarding Cuba and the United States

The Summit of the Americas ended with the US and Latin America (unsurprisingly) divided over the question of Cuba. While the US opposes the inclusion of Cuba, the rest of the region believes Cuba should be included in the triennial meetings. However, I’m not terribly interested here in outlining the particularities of why the US continues this anachronistic policy. Rather, I want to point to this headline courtesy Reuters, which declares that “Latin America Rebels Against Obama Over Cuba.”

The idea that Latin America has “rebelled” against the US policy is patently absurd, for it treats the US’s policy as the standard one against which other countries “rebel.” However, the United States continues to be the only country in the world to completely prohibit any trade, diplomatic relations, or access to a majority of its own citizens to Cuba, even while the rest of Latin America has opened relations with the Caribbean country to one degree or another. In that circumstance, it’s not Latin America “rebelling” against the US’s policy; it’s more the case of the US continuing an outdated and absurd policy that is completely out of touch with current geopolitical realities, and has been for quite some time.

About Colin M. Snider

I have a Ph.D. in history, specializing in Latin American History and Comparative Indigenous History. My dissertation focused on Brazil. Beyond Latin America generally, I'm particularly interested in class identities, military politics, human rights, labor, education, music, and nation. I can be found on Twitter at @ColinMSnider.
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