Authorities Find Remains of Argentine Victim Who Had Asteroid Named After Her

Thirty-six years after 21-year-old college student Ana Teresa Diego disappeared during the first year of the Argentine military dictatorship and four months after an asteroid was named after her, her remains were found in an unmarked grave in Buenos Aires. Diego’s mother (and a member of the Madres de la Plaza de May0), Zaida Franz, said the discovery “filled an emptiness with light” and that “it’s like she’s in the family again.” Franz’s statements cut to the heart of why the ongoing search to find and identify the bodies of the disappeared in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and elsewhere matter. While the disappeared are dead, the recovery of their remains can and does allow their loved ones to have closure and make sense of their death and provide the survivors with the peace in which their lost loved ones have rested for all these years.

(h/t to Lillie).

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