Around Latin America

-Brazilian workers building a stadium in the city of Fortaleza voted to continue a strike in an attempt to get better pay and working conditions. While construction company owners say the strike will delay construction, the stadium in the northern state of Ceará is one of the stadiums closest to completion for the 2014 World Cup.

-Peruvian immigrants to Chile have gone to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to protest the mass expulsions of immigrants, which have increased since late-2011.

-Bolivia has canceled a contract with Brazilian company Odebrecht to construct a road through the Bolivian Amazonian rainforest in the eastern part of the country. Over the past year, the road had been a point of contention between President Evo Morales, who favored the project, and indigenous groups who helped Morales get elected and who opposed the project passing through their lands. Unsurprisingly, the Brazilian government has expressed displeasure over the cancellation, which comes in the wake of the United States’ decision earlier this year to cancel a 355 million dollar contract to buy Super Tucano planes from Brazil.

-Is Brazil facing a potential obesity problem?

-Peru successfully rescued nine miners who for were trapped for nearly a week in an extra-legal informal mine.

-After two months, Somali pirates have released a ship flying under Panama’s flag after negotiations led an alleged payment of a $250,000 ransom.

-In Argentina, a baby that was declared dead is recovering after being left in a coffin in a morgue for nearly twelve hours.

-Could the 2014 World Cup be a repeat of 1950’s World Cup? It seems a possibility, with FIFA recently ranking Uruguay the third best national team in the world. The FIFA rankings are often a bit problematic, and the World Cup is still two years off. Still, there is  no denying that Uruguay, who defeated Brazil 2-1 in Maracanã stadium in one of the highest-attended football games ever the last time Brazil hosted the World Cup, is looking very strong at this point, and this could be their chance to move ahead of Argentina and join Germany as a three-time champion (only Italy, with four, and Brazil, with five, have more world cup victories).


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I have a Ph.D. in history, specializing in Latin American History and Comparative Indigenous History. My dissertation focused on Brazil. Beyond Latin America generally, I'm particularly interested in class identities, military politics, human rights, labor, education, music, and nation. I can be found on Twitter at @ColinMSnider.
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    This is an exciting time to be in Latin America, especially Brazil.

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