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Daniel Zamudio Pronounced Dead 7:45 pm

March 27, 2012

Daniel Zamudio, the 24-year-old Chilean man beaten on March 3 only for being gay, was pronounced dead at 7:45 pm (6:45 pm EST) today.  Doctors performed a test this afternoon that confirmed cerebral failure and soon after, Zamudio died.

Earlier today, I talked about how Daniel’s story has shed light on the violence of homophobia, machismo, and neo-Nazism in Chile, but also how Daniel’s sacrifice, though unwarranted, will hopefully not be in vain.

Movilh, the Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual, has lots of info on their website about the steps they are taking toward making mutual understanding and antidiscrimination a reality in Chile.

Que descanse en paz, Daniel.

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