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-A new report says the total deaths from drug violence in Mexico has reached 47,515 in the last five years alone, with 12,903 deaths in 2011 alone. To put that number in perspective, 9481 people have died in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the last twenty-five years.

-Mexico is not the only country facing real problems in terms of murder rates. Boz has the numbers for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, and Colombia. And in a new report, the top 33 most violent cities (and 40 of the top 50) are all in the Western Hemisphere.

-Also in drug violence, only one day after his inauguration, Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina has already ordered the military to join the fight against drug cartels” in Guatemala, even while his attempts to receive more military aid from the U.S. have critics and human rights activists worried. Perez Molina served in the Guatemalan military during some of the worst human rights abuses during Guatemala’s decades-long civil war, during which the U.S. supplied aid to military forces who murdered thousands of Guatemalans.

-Venezuela has left the World Bank’s international arbitration board, leaving foreign investment agreements and disputes in limbo.

-A Spanish judge reopened a probe into whether or not the U.S. violated international law in the use of torture under the Bush administration.

-Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa is enjoying a 55% approval rating, thanks in part to his strong national stances and social programs to aid the poor in Ecuador.

-And on a lighter note, Greg points us to Mitt Romney’s streak of Chavismo. Would that the certain Republican candidate actually be as concerned with helping the poor and disadvantaged throughout the United States.

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