Convicted Human Rights Violator Alberto Fujimori to Ask for Pardon

The Fujimori family seeking a pardon for human rights criminal Alberto Fujimori isn’t really surprising, even though Peruvian Justice Minister said a pardon is off the table just last week. While other South American countries like Argentina and Chile have allowed for house arrest for ailing human rights violators (such as Pinochet) in the past, a full-blown pardon for a convicted human rights violators is rare. Additionally, it is pretty hard to feel that Fujimori is being treated unfairly just because he might die in prison while serving his 25-year sentence for ordering the massacres of Peruvian civilians; after all, he did not exactly allow the individuals who armed forces under his command murdered a choice in how or where they would die. Ollanta Humala did not rule out pardoning Fujimori before taking office this year, but hopefully, some small sense of justice will prevail and Fujimori will have to serve out his sentence.


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