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-As mentioned yesterday, Cristina Kirchner handily won re-election as president in first-round voting in Argentina, based on Argentina’s economic stability and growth. She finished with close to 53% of the total vote, while the next-closest candidate of the several opposition candidates finished with only 17%.

-Twenty-six years after Brazil’s twenty-one year military dictatorship left power, the country is finally close to having a Truth Commission investigate the regime. Although it lacks the power to punish human rights violators, forcing the public and the government to fully reconcile with the military’s brutality is better than no investigation at all. I’ll have lots more to say about this later this week.

-Also in human rights and military dictatorship news, Uruguayan officials may have found the bones of at least one person killed during that country’s military dictatorship of 1975-1983 on an army base, forcing Uruguayans to once again reconsider their remembrance (and forgetting) of military rule and to reconsider the amnesty given to human rights violators after the dictatorship.

-Also in Uruguay, Philip Morris is closing down a plant there, citing a loss in profits after Uruguay declared a ban on smoking in public places and prohibited cigarette companies from trying to make smoking appear less dangerous by using words like “light” to describe cigarettes back in 2006.

-Attacks on Colombian military members have increased recently as the country prepares for a nationwide election next week.

-Here is video footage from El Salvador that gives a  sense of how devastating the rain and flooding in El Salvador has been. As Tim notes, aid is now pouring into the country.

-Mexico has tightened regulations on day care centers after a fire killed 49 children and wounded 70 others back in 2009.

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