Around Latin America

-In a massive victory for indigenous protesters in Bolivia, Evo Morales has suspended plans for a highway through the Amazonian basin. The highway would have gone through a national park and indigenous lands, and peoples from the area rose up to protest, reaching La Paz in a protest march this past week.

-Three Brazilian doctors were convicted of killing patients and removing their organs for transplants. What’s particularly notable here is not the verdict, but that the case emerged all the way back in 1986.

-Bad news from Antarctica: the Ozone hole has grown, surpassing 10 million square miles (which is triple the size of Brazil and nearly triple the size of the U.S.).

-Argentina goes to the polls this weekend in national elections, and Cristina Kirchner’s re-election seems probable.  This article provides insight into how the elections look from the urban poor in Argentina. Shorter version: they’re voting for Kirchner, but society is far from the “utopia” she has been commenting on in her campaign.

Finally, a few links to other worthwhile blog posts.

I commented on the kidnapping and relocation of stolen babies during and after Franco’s regime in Spain last week. Lillie Langtry caught the BBC2 program on it, and she has further thoughts.

-Tim over at Tim’s El Salvador Blog has a great write-up on the health issues confronting Salvadorans in the wake of devastating rainfall in the past couple of weeks.

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