Government Disproportionately Targeting Latinos in Deportations

This story isn’t remotely surprising:

A deportation program that is central to the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement strategy has led disproportionately to the removal of Latino immigrants and to arrests by immigration authorities of hundreds of United States citizens, according to a report by two law schools using new, in-depth official data on deportation cases. […]

The report found that 93 percent of immigrants arrested under Secure Communities were Latinos, although Latino immigrants are about three-quarters of the illegal immigrants in the United States.

It’s been clear for a long long long time that concern with illegal immigration isn’t about illegal immigration per se. From calls for a fence only along the border fence to cries of “they’re stealing our jobs” to dehumanizing undocumented residents by referring to them as simply “illegals” rather than as people, it has always been about racist attitudes towards “others” from Latin America. These statistics only further reinforce that fact, and whether or not the government has targeted a disproportionate number of Latinos for political purposes, for base stereotyping, or for some other reason is really irrelevant to those whose families are being torn apart based on the worst kind of racial assumptions and misguided policies.


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