Around Latin America

-Margaret Myers has another edition of “What is Latin America saying about China?” up for the week. Strong candidate for best headline of the week? “Chinese Ambassador hands over new scoreboards.”

-In Peru, President Ollanata Humala has purged Peru’s military police of 2/3 of its generals in an effort to combat corruption. While supporters see this as evidence of Ollanta Humala fulfilling his campaign promise to crack down on corruption, opponents fear he is creating a new officer corps loyal to him within the government institutions.

-Protesting Chilean university students are working with trade unions to plan a two-day general strike next week in their ongoing battle for educational reform, which has entered its sixth month.

-In northern Paraguay, the guerrilla movement Ejército Popular de Paraguay (the Paraguayan Peoples Army) have increased their activities lately, targeting police, rich farmers, and banks. As a result, the Paraguayan government has declared a state of exception in the region and sent in the military, suggesting the potential for an increased level of violence.

-Indigenous peoples in Bolivia are once again marching in protest of President Evo Morales’s plan to build a road through the Amazon, much of which is in indigenous hands.

-Finally, this is the stuff of nightmares (and/or potentially good science fiction).

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